too big to live happily

This is one of the most sensitive topic ever. I’ll not openly use the term ‘fat’ but I will call it ‘big size’. Well in this modern era of advertising body the people who are plus-sized are not meant to find love and life. A big human’s life is the conspiracy because it differs from the norm. a big sized woman life is quite harder because fat ladies are either side buddies or they are born to help you for their skinny best friends. No matter a skinny chick has worn B grade free sized shirt but she looks sexiest in it and if you see a plus-sized woman in thongs people will start mocking on body parts. This is just a sarcastic moment, oh man!! Just look at you skinny chicken legs.

The second biggest problem is motivation. If a fat woman is motivated to lose some fat from her body and plans to join a gym or just enters in gym everyone I am repeating everyone stares her “she is so fat how can she come here”.

Whenever a cheese fat box goes for shop some new dresses .shops refuse her for her sized dress. Is fat body strangest thing. All bodies are respected and worth of living their lives their own styles. Only one type of body is not an option anymore. For years the ad industry has earned by penetrating an idea that skinny is more fashionable than fat. We will hear such comments that your body is bulky you’re not designed to wear frocks, saree and Ghaghara chauli . but lets think what will happen if a barbie becomes charbis .Barbie-750x800

Another thing we will notice in eastern areas that fat mothers who are looking for their potato-head son’s proposals are looking for slim and beautiful girls because their sons don’t like fat girls.

Some people will surely say that they like big bodies but they only fantasize to sleep with them so they can easily share their experiences of tasting every single experiment. Things are not stopping here unless we will stop hearing them.

Let’s just make a commitment with ourselves that we are fat and we love fashion and we can wear anything we really like to. We can live a simple and full of joys life like other flick chicks. People opinions don’t matter for us anymore. Live and let others life!!!!


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