Make your relationship healthier

Everyone in this era is struggling to maintain and balancing their relationship . Specially in their marriages. Arghh! It is such hard thing to make you suppouse happier .. well here are some points i concluded in my first year of marriage


Points to follow if you want a healthy relationship
1:dont impose anything on your partner.
2:let them do what they want to do .
3: make them happy .
4: dont be so possessive .
5:try to understand each other .
6: regards them .
7: forgive and ignore small faults .
8:dont ask for past life .
9: be open .
10:make them comfortable .
11: treat him/her like a kid .
12:(most imp) love them sincerely .
13 dont be so demanding.
14: trust him/her.


These are few little things i have noticed and trying to follow in my marriage .. share some tips and tricks to make this relationship more strong ..


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