Benefits of using Ice on face



Reading title may increase your curiosity and Title may look like little ridiculous but yes you read it right. The ice we use in our daily routines is actually a remedy for face too.  Putting ice on your face is one of the tips of up-to-date magnificence.

Take a small cube of ice wrap a soft cloth on it and start rubbing it on your face. It will give you amazing results in no time.


Treatment for acne scars and swollen face:

Well this is actually very beneficial for acne scars. Some of you already known it. Rubbing ice on affected area will actually put the scars down and will give you relief. Rubbing ice is good for swollen face too.


For tightening skin pores

Ice is toner for skin. Get an ice cube, wrap in in a bandana, cube to start soppy into the fabric, slide along it over your skin for 10 minutes, and tighten your skin pores.


For long lasting makeup

To make your makeup longer as well as fresh for long time, try rubbing an ice cube right before applying your makeup. This will help your makeup to stay longer and fresh. Its a natural makeup primer.


For dissolving fat from your face

A lot of people complain about fat face, chubby cheeks and double chin. Well actually I found that coldest water helps dissolving fats from body so I just started applying an ice for 15 mins on my double chin and chubby cheeks .it actually worked for me. Apart from face we can use it on any part of skin.


Three melting ice cubes


Some safety cautions

As ice therapy is completed on a clean wash your face before using it.

2: Wear gloves to hold ice cubes or wrap it in fine soft cloths or handkerchief.

3: Do not use ice directly without covering it when you reflexology your face. You can use ice cubes directly for acne or swelling though.

4: Never apply ice to your body for more than 1 hour.


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