Life is unpredictable!

Humans always dream about everything of life. We always dream of living a better life ahead , make plans for future , wish to live a life full of happiness. But life is not as exactly we think or we wish.God has planned something different.

There are some people who never dream higher. They never wish to live a luxurious life with high style but yes they always wish for peace of life peace of mind.instead they make decisons to achieve their dreams.

I have never thought about living a life full of facilities but like other mediocre i always thought about getting a higher education degree,huge library full of books ,a garden a small house and responsible loving guy and traveling around the world. Plus i set my plans how to achieve them.

Till 24 i was achieving my goals by studying by doing a job by collecting books.but in my 25 i got married with a man who lives in lahore and does a job in bank. Hes slightly different from me and my dreams. He is not a man of my dreams. He doesn’t read books. He never discusses things so we never have healthy literary disscussions. I like traveling and he is happy from office to home, home to office journey.i am happy in my small house and he wants to live in a big house. One thing is common between two us. We both love to eat. We are food junkie. In our five months of wedding we have tasted almost all of the restaurants of lahore.

So life is unpredictable . I always thought of becoming a traveler a chef a librarian but now a days i am trying to be wife which i never dreamt about.


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