The sun lives in my land(summer is here)

Summer season is not so good and enjoyable for everyone. Like i am living in asia and its too hot to live here nowadays. As holy month Ramadan is going on and temperature level is crossed by 48º. Whoaa !! How would it be cold ?? I am spending my time being a homie person. From last 70 hours i am in my house sleeping , eating etc etc.

A couple of days ago i was planning to buy some new fashioned dresses and yes also looking for a good idea for Eid ul fiter. I really wanna wear something different but modest.. well if i see myself in mirror i see a short chubby box so i cant wear some tight or too loooose dresses and i cant wear a thick dress due to summer weather.. i am just surprised a woman like me why cant decide what to wear and when to wear .. before my marriage my life was good in jeans top with a pair of superstars and headcover. But now things are different i have to dress up like a married lady..ohh ohhh maama!!


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