Boredom and i.

So it is month of Ramadan plus summer weather is on its peak. Last day it was 44º Celsius and we were struck in room near split inverter. Now it is evening and it is much better to go outside.i am looking for some healthy activities that i can do in my boredom hours. I have almost done all thoss things that a wife does when her husband is not at home.

First thing i have planned to do that i will read books. I have made a list of books that i can read. First is “kite runner” by khaleed husaini.

Second thing i ll do start watching tv. Haha i am not fond of television soups and serials . Lets see.

Third thing i ll do is eating and love eatables .

Fourth thing i ll start making paper crafts and decoration pieces. Mostly i ll follow DIY tricks.

Fifth thing i ll do is enhance my makeup skills .

Sixth thing i ll try to sleep.

These are some useless things a housewife can do and i ll try these .



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