Women dont seek for appreciation but for good suggestions .

Last day someone asked me you are married now you dont need to have friends in your life you have your husband now . Share your things with him now .

I am just surprised!! How does a man know what a girl need . My husband doesnt even know which color of shirt would be good on family function . Haha men dont even have ideas that how many products a woman use in her daily makeup routine. So i think every girl needs to have girl or girls in her life.you can share your ideas talk about things easily. Men always have good communities and better social circle with them but for a lady living your life as a married lady is not very easy. One has no idea how much critical and problematic it would be !! Growing up in brown asian family is like you are living your life in dream . Like all your priorities are study, sleeping , eating , shopping , cooking and traveling- and yes dont forget if youre single you would definitely think about your prince, soul mate , true love, romance , sex , gifts and much more but once you enter in marries life you ll come to know that all those things are nothing but part of fantasy ..once youre married now stop thinking about formalities like dance, romantic dates, gifts and think about home grocery budget lolll .. laundry and house cleaning and yes husband .someone says husband is woman’s first kid.Husbands are always kids no matter how older they are . My husband always want full attention and love and care.

Being a woman we have to play so many roles in our one life.we are mother, daughter , sister, friend , dishwasher, cook, cleaner. So sooner or later we will realise we are humanbeing and we need some one to talk with , to share with. We always dont need appreciation sometimes we want someone with a good suggestions . And a woman can understand other woman. So make girls your best friends have some time with your girls arrange some kittie parties and go for shopping.


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